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3 times a week! That's all it takes for you to look and feel fabulous for ever when you're a member of Lovely Fit Women - the 30 minute workout for ladies only.

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I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found Lovely Fit Women. Having received a grant from Blackpool Carer’s  Trust in October 2016. I have made full use of my membership. I attend four times a week for circuit training and the Pilates class on a Friday evening.

The equipment is well suited to the heights, weights and abilities of all. The trainers/instructors have always made me feel welcome, celebrate when I do well and unobtrusivly motivate me when my programme is moving up a level. I have been able to easily access nutrition/health advice and personal training on a one-to-one basis.

The inch loss plan that the gym encourages works well with my body type and my 32 inch loss (so far) certainly makes the effort worthwhile. There is a focus on building lean muscle, losing excess fat and developing co-ordination and stamina. The onus is on creating sustainable change - not just losing weight.

The gym has friendly members (of all shapes and ages) and everyone has time for each other when I visit. I am able to to self-adjust my programme (up or down) according to the prevailing condition of my body that week.

I am now a life long gym attendee and my next stage is to further develop through the Fitness And Personal Training Diploma that I have signed up to.

I cannot thank Karen, Cheryl, Sue and Katy enough for their kind and professional guidance.

Lovely Fit Women | Victoria Square | Cleveleys | FY5 1AY